Jelqing Techniques – how to make The Jelq Exercise Fun and Engaging!


The jelqing exercise is associate degree exercise that is designed to extend member size. 1st we’ll briefly describe the exercise, and then we’ll give some terribly unique, seldom mentioned jelqing techniques which build the exercise much easier to perform by turning into a fun and fascinating routine. These techniques will stop you from falling victim to the quantity one roadblock which prevents guys from getting larger, which we’ll discuss in a very moment. 1st the basics:

The basics of jelqing:

Jelqing is performed by slowly touch your member while it’s lubricated and in a very semi-erect position. every stroke is performed together with your hand within the “OK sign” hand position. The stroke starts at the base of the member and slowly moves up the shaft ending simply before the head. Then you are doing the same with the opposite hand and continue to alternate for a precise number of sets and reps.

The problem with jelqing:

One of the biggest issues with jelqing, which is never self-addressed is: the boredom issue. the most reason guys don’t get results with the jelqing exercise is that they are not consistent. and also the reason they’re not consistent is because of dissatisfaction. Jelqing can so be a repetitive and really boring expertise, much like alternative kinds of exercise like walking on a treadmill for your cardiovascular exercising. The treadmill will get terribly recent, very quick. that’s why you may see some trainees use tactics like change up their environment for walking, utilizing music to create the time go by smoother, and sometimes reward themselves at the tip of their sweat by doing one thing unique. Let’s cross-check these three tactics to avert exercise tedium and see however we can apply them to the jelq exercise.

The following jelqing exercises techniques can nip the common drawback of boredom within the bud and permit you to actively have interaction in your physical exercise experience; therefore allowing you to do the work which is able to eventually lead to an increase in erectile organ size.

1. Shower Jelqs. this will be a great thanks to exercise. several men never understand that they will truly perform their jelqs in the shower. This makes it terribly convenient and gratifying. and the time goes by a lot quicker. First, you are able to do your warm ups in the shower by merely obtaining the water hot, aiming it towards the penis so that blood flow is magnified as you get in this semi erection position. Next, you aim the water removed from the member, apply some lubrication and start jelqing. The shower will continue to run allowing you to own a soothing shower expertise whereas exercising! Finally, it becomes terribly convenient to perform your heat down and conjointly wash all the lubrication off.

2. Music Jelqs. this is often another great technique that doesn’t get mentioned enough when it involves important jelqing techniques to combat tedium. currently days with earphones, ipods, and online music enjoying choices, taking note of your tunes while you jelq is an excellent thanks to create the time fade. you’ll be able to literally zone bent on five or six songs and before you recognize it your exercises are over. this is often such a vital technique to use as it extremely does successfully combat dissatisfaction by keeping the novice mentally engaged. while you’ll blast your tunes through speakers, using earphones or ear buds are really best. You eliminate all alternative sound and become far more centered.

3. autoeroticism Jelqs. You usually wish to avoid masturbating after you perform your jelqing, however often this will be okay, and even helpful. this could provide an excellent incentive to complete your physical exertion. we tend to all have “one of those days” where taking outing to exercise will seem to be too much of a hassle. we’d like a special incentive to urge through days like these. when it involves jelqing, save a masturbation jelq for recently. only perform this when you’ve got completed your sets and reps. And keep in mind, solely save this for days wherever you know you wish to induce a jelq session in, but your motivation is extraordinarily low. you do not wish to form this a habit.

Give the following tips a strive successive time you’re feeling causeless and sense that the dissatisfaction issue is crawl into your exercise program. Just as variations of these tips have proven to stave off boredom for other forms of exercise, these particular tactics will keep things fun and engaging while performing the jelq exercise.

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